Welcome to Symphony Strategies

Compose your song, all it takes is One Note!
  • You are the composer of your own symphony – no one else.
  • You have the choice to define yourself by your own song or by someone else’s lyric.
  • You have the all notes and the rhythm needed.
  • Your power to choose the lyrics of your life allows you to reinvent and change yourself.
  • When you strike the right notes, hit the right keys, your melody will follow.

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There are things only you can do, and you are alive to do them.  In the great Orchestra we call life, you have an instrument and a song, and you owe it to God to play them both sublimely.Max Lucado

Our Vision

Our Vision is to orchestrate lyrics of empowerment by engaging our clients to orchestrate their passion and purpose.  To help them to compose songs of possibilities, realize their full potential and at together we all can give of our gifts and talents to make a better world.

Our Beliefs & Values

  • Life’s a Symphony, Orchestrate it! All it takes is One Note!
  • The diversity of our clients enriches our business.
  • We are committed to your success.
  • We provide unfiltered listening and understanding.

What You Can Expect

  • Encouragement and support.
  • Dual accountability and collaboration.
  • Empowering dialogue and diverse thinking.
  • Identifying your potential, purpose, and passion in diverse ways.
  • Clarity on what you really want, where you want to be and increased confidence to accomplish your goals.
  • Growth and personal, professional development.
  • Feedback without bias and celebrations with passion.

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