We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.Dr. Maya Angelou
Orchestrate Your Vision© Strategies & Programs

Diversity and Inclusion is the foundation by which we engage our clients.

Recognizing the Diversity of our clients, we take an eclectic approach, guiding them in orchestrating strategies towards achieving their goals and actualizing their vision.

Whether it be having a career path of passion and purpose; re-balancing family/work/life; enhancing leadership skills and ROI (Return on Influence) presence; strategies and techniques for leading a multigenerational workforce; overcoming life challenges; we help committed individuals and organizations gain clarity, design and implement a successful game plan, and provide the tools to follow and achieve it.

Solo, Choirs, Orchestra ( 1:1, Teams, Orchestras)

We provide people inclusion coaching and consulting services to businesses, collaborating with clients on human capital development, recruiting and retaining talent to reduce the “revolving door syndrome.”

Just as musicians in an orchestra must practice – individually and collectively – we help you “rehearse“ through experiential activities, assessments and tools which then translate into personal and professional strategies.

We coach individuals on breaking through their “inner glass ceiling”, helping them gain a new perspective towards creating their signature blueprint for success.

Coaching programs are customized to meet the needs of the individual and or organization.

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Consulting programs are customized to meet the needs of the individual and or organization.

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Some of our sessions and workshops

  • E3 University© Signature Workshops
    Empowerment workshops for personal accountability and development.
  • RIME©
    Recognizing ones ksa’s (knowledge, skills, abilities), proactively managing and advancing ones’ career.
  • Lyrics to Discovering Your Passion & Purpose©
    Discover rhythms, beats, and harmony in and around life and your life’s work.
  • Our DiversitYOUrStrength©
    Enables you to gain on understanding and insight – of yourself and others.
  • Embracing Generations©
    Learn about the value all generations bring to an organization.

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Speaking opportunities are available.

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In partnership with our clients, we custom design a suite of programs and workshops. Here are a just a few:

Chat over Coffee Series© - Womens Mastermind Sessions

Chat over Coffee Series© – Womens Mastermind Sessions


Seat @ the Table©

Seat@the Table© – Non Profit Board Capacity Building & Sustainability



LYRICS of Leadership© – Leadership Strengths
Career SWOT© – Professional / Personal Branding



Power in the Pinkslip© – Career Transition Coaching



Driving the C.A.R.T. © – Leadership Engagement

Keys 2 Retention© – Employee Accountability
S.T.E.M. Job Search Boot Camp© – Career Transition Coaching

Confidentiality and Disclaimer

Symphony coaches are trained and certified coaches. All conversations and information exchanged with our clients are strictly confidential. We are not psychologist, therapists, or physicians. We are not trained in diagnosing psychological or medical conditions. We make no claims to offering therapeutic advice. We abide by a code of ethics as defined by International Coaches Federation (ICF).

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