A passion should always have a purpose and a blessing should be shared.J. Emanuel
K. Deneen Bennett, SPHR, Experienced Learning and OD Professional
Willa Edgarton-Chisler:  Going Places Network (GPN) Coordinator / Professional Women’s Group (PWG) Volunteer Dress for Success® Morris County

The title GPN Coordinator does not do justice to what Willa does for the women of Dress for Success Morris County! She works tirelessly, not only facilitating the sessions, but pulling in her resources to support the women of this organization. Willa is the consummate professional and is an example of leadership for our women.

Dr. Tendai Ndoro CEO at SLIPPA/EDCTrainers, LLC
I have known Willa for almost 10 years and our relationship has grown over time from a chance business meeting to becoming someone I hired to work with our small business clients at the Rutgers Small Business Development Center. As a coach, business counsellor and consultant she has proved to be an excellent expert in her field. Willa is truly leader of leaders because her work is empowering to those that she supports with her expert abilities, especially her work with Women and small businesses. She is informed, knowledgeable, resourceful, in business development, management and organization diversity to mention a few of her competences. In character, she is trustworthy, consistent and reliable and possesses a excellent work ethic that is a valuable quality in ensuring our small business client confidentiality. Over the years she has consulted with the SBDC she consistently have sustainable impact and excellent results that clients she has worked with continue to request her services. In addition, Willa volunteers her expertise as a member of our SBDC Advisory Board Ambassador providing the center with capacity building services. As my friend and business associate, I am so proud and honored to provide this recommendation for Willa for the exemplary work she does for our small business as well and individuals she mentors and coaches, especially her work with women professionals.
Juliet Foster Owner, J. Foster Imagery
I was in New York recently and watched as a dad stood on very tall steps with his little girl and encouraged her to jump down to him (only 2 steps away). He assured her that, when she decided to take the risk, he would catch her.

One year ago I was that kid and Willa was the coach who assured me that if I took various steps in my business she would be there all along the way to “catch” me and encourage me – She’s a woman of her word!

As I look back over this year, I can say with Willa by my side, this has been a year of extreme growth as a business owner and NOT just a photographer (and believe me there is a difference). I can honestly look back and see that right behind me, 2 steps at a time, was Willa encouraging me along the way.

She believed in me when there were days I didn’t believe in myself and I’m grateful for her and the passion she brought to each of our sessions that have inspired me as a business owner – right down to her encouragement to join PPA (Professional Photographers of America) to further my business.

So, I want to say – thank you Willa for being a wonderful example and a wonderful Coach!

Juliet Foster – LinkedIN

Danielle Adams, Affinity Federal Credit Union, Branch Relationship Manager & Business Development Professional
I had the great pleasure of meeting Willa one day when she had come in to do her banking. She immediately took the opportunity to meet me and get to know more about me. This is the basis for how Willa interacts on a regular basis. She is eager to take charge and know more about people so she can connect them appropriately. Willa greatly understands and puts to practice the power of networking…

Since I met her early last year, we have worked on a number of projects together, including networking events, her introducing me to NJAWBO, one on one peer coaching for my clients, and volunteering her time and expertise with an outreach program in Morris County.

Having heard her speak, Willa is appropriately described not as a motivational speaker, but as an inspirational speaker who gives people the encouragement to become motivated. Her own motivation is in being the driving force behind other people’s potential success, and that in turn, is what makes her successful and a force to be reckoned with.

Danielle Adams – LinkedIN

Mary E. Repke at Annin Flagmakers
Willa is Miss Enthusiasm! She tunes in and helps you focus on the core issues that need to be addressed. She is generous with her intellect and her spirit and genuinely wants you to succeed at what you do and will help connect you to those she thinks will mutually benefit. She brings over 20 years of diverse, corporate and professional experience to help clients and peers navigate their corporate, entrepreneurial or non-profit landscape with purpose. She is an inspiring and motivational speaker with a great story told from the heart!

Mary E. Repke – LinkedIN

Susana Fonticoba, Constant Contact Guru and Online Content Writer
I’ve had occasion to hear Willa give presentations more than once, and I continue to be inspired and energized by her. Willa is more than a subject matter expert, her passion for helping others brings light into a room and instantly draws people to her. As my daughter enters the business world, I’ve chosen Willa to be her guiding light, her mentor, as well as her coach in the arduous task of sifting through the job search process. I only hope some day I can be of service to her as she’s been of service to all of us in NJAWBO.

Susana Fonticoba – LinkedIN

Lee Gardenswartz, Ph.D. Partner at Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Institute
When I think about Willa Edgerton-Chisler, the words or phrases that immediately come to mind are visionary, courageous, cutting edge, practical, stimulated and energized by growth and change, creative and always follows through. Willa keeps her eye on the ball and never loses track of her goals and objectives. I first met Willa when she hired Gardenswartz & Rowe as external consultants to work with her at Lucent. I remember more than a dozen years ago how she brought the entire organization together around a very practical plan to integrate diversity into Lucent’s operations. Her brilliance was in creating equal parts of consistency and flexibility as groups from different parts of the organization found their own ways to implement the plan. In recent years, Willa, still the learner, has taken our work in Emotional Intelligence and Diversity and added it to so many other pertinent models to develop far-reaching tools for coaching. My Symphony, her coaching company, is dynamic, helpful and stimulating. She is busy speaking, teaching, creating and with all of this going on, she still manages to maintain excellent relationships through her keen intelligence, commitment to follow through, and superb interpersonal skills. Willa is a winner on every count and as reliable as the sun coming up in the morning. Anyone who works with her, internally or externally, gets a real gift.

Lee Gardenswartz – LinkedIN

Anita Rowe, Ph.D. Partner at Emotional Intelligence and Diversity Insititute and Gardenswartz & Rowe
In the ten + years I’ve worked with Willa, she never ceases to amaze me with her intellectual curiosity, desire to learn and grow, initiative, integrity, creativity and passion for helping people and organizations be more effective. She combines an openness and possibility thinking with a practical, pragmatic realism that is powerful. And, Willa always goes beyond what is expected to give more, challenge more, and support more. She has tremendous skills as a coach, mentor and consultant.

Anita Rowe – LinkedIN

Dr. Joy Ohayia ,Total Wellness Practical Advisor
I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet Life Coach Willa of Symphony Coaching in late 2007. During our relationship, she has coached me through many life situations. Willa is very professional and will keep you to task. She is an ACTIVE listener as well as asks the questions to get YOU thinking! Willa has also introduced the Songs of Gratitude as I have implemented them on a daily basis, my life has positively changed in every aspect. I have an ongoing relationship with Coach Willa and highly recommend her services, you will not be disappointed!

Dr. Joy Ohayia – LinkedIN

Audrey Bell-Kearney, Mobile Marketing Specialist, Video Mobile Marketing, QR Code Marketing, Text Marketing
I had the wonderful opportunity to work with Willa who is a great coach. I was having problems with my company which I’ve owned almost 3 years trying to decide what my vision was for my company. I was torn because I did not understand that it was ok to change the vision of my company since it had evolved over the last two and a half years. Willa helped me develop a clear vision not only for the direction in which I wanted my company to go, but I was also able to develop a clear vision for my life in general. So what I did with the information that Willa had given me is took the part of my company that I am really passionate about and set it up as an entity by itself. 

Willa is on point with her style of coaching. There is no fluff and fillers in the information and the tools that she brings to you. Her follow up is amazing and would put a lot of us business people to shame. She has helped me tremendously and I am looking forward to seeing what 2009 will bring with my new spin off company.

Audrey Bell-Kearney – LinkedIN

S. Lynn Stone, Bollinger Insurance
Willa Edgerton-Chisler is truly a phenomenal woman. She is an accomplished professional whose experience with Workplace Training, Leadership Development, and Non-profit Organizations is priceless. Willa Edgerton-Chisler is one of very few people with the ability to successfully conceptualize and execute new business paradigms, increase sales performance, and improve customer relations. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table that many in her field claim to have but lack. Her integrity is infallible and her positive attitude and creativity are above par.
Zuzel Prieto – VP, HR Liz Claiborne
Willa is a true professional. She possesses the knowledge necessary to conduct her role. She came to our company providing coaching and counseling to associates that were being laid off. She handles these situations in a very caring way with a matter of fact attitude that makes the individual look forward to their next steps. It is a great combination to have because it allows the individual to get past the emotions of being laid off in a timely manner. She is dedicated and truly has an interest in seeing the individual succeed. She is passionate about the work that she does, has terrific follow up skills and is a wonderful business partner.
D. Beverly, OD, State of NJ Judiciary-AOC

Willa’s diversity work with AT&T, Lucent is well known, she received national recognition for the web site, and her corporate diversity work. Her skills and abilities in the diversity arena are documented and certified via several education experiences. She is the right person for any diversity initiative… her ability to connect and create understanding, two strengths she uses wisely as a leader. She is a true “value-add” to any team/organization.

Byron Ward, VP Sales & Services, Houghton-Mifflin

Willa Edgerton-Chisler is an outstanding business leader with outstanding business acumen. Willa has tremendous skills in the area of training development and diversity management. She has a genuine concern for people and looks for innovative ways to develop employees and drive business results. Willa is creative, insightful, assertive and easy to work with.

L. Steichen, PHR

Willa Edgerton-Chisler has extensive knowledge in training and team building. Bright, dedicated, and adaptable to a competitive and ever-changing environment. Solid expertise in developing a group of individuals into a high performance work team while maintaining results oriented focus on the needs of the business.

A. Gaskin, CEO, The Virtual Legal Assistant, Inc.

Willa Edgerton-Chisler is the consummate professional — someone who consistently delivers 110%. Whether it is through her extensive professional network, from her own successful practice, or in collaboration with other subject-matter experts, Willa is the go to resource for a wide range of matters. Her reputation is second to none. One of the greatest gifts I have ever given to myself is to work with Willa! … Having known and worked with Willa, she has earned my highest recommendation as a professional resource and service provider.

R. V. Peterkin, Exec. Director, Friends & Families United, Inc.

… Throughout our two year business relationship, our small non-profit organization has experienced both great growth and rapid loss. In both instances we were able to call upon the excellent skills and expertise of Ms. Chisler to meet these challenges. Willa has so very much to offer any business, from diversity training to staff orientation right down to executive director succession planning. She also offers a great deal more – human being insight – the real kind — people to people stuff, the kind that can move mountains of problems to satisfying solutions!

Donniee Barnes, CEO Evolução

I have had Willa as a coach for 6 months. I was not completely sure how “coaching” could improve my life, but I was so bored of me chasing my tail that I decided to take a chance, be open and see what could happen. Well, 6 months later, I am approaching my business’ launch party that I know would not have been possible without Willa’s guidance and knowledge and have completed every step toward becoming the entrepreneur that I can be proud of and can go out into the world knowing its worth. Through Symphony Coaching I set goals and actually reached them, I prioritize, which was a foreign concept to me prior to the coaching sessions, and I have more free time to enjoy life, since I do not have to spend that time anxious and guilty because I haven’t been productive. Willa is a generous woman, a wonderful person, and worth every sacrifice, I made to be able to have this experience with Symphony Coaching.

Toyi Ward – Marketing Director – Johnson & Johnson

Willa is an expert in the field of career and life coaching. She takes an individualized approach that yields great success.

V. Lewison – NJ Judiciary

I was introduce to coaching by my employee and spoke to a friend in the corporate world. I learned that this would be good for me in assisting me with management skills. I wanted a coach that would point out my weaknesses and show me the better to do my job. My experience in working with Coach Willa has been very good. I feel better about how I handle situations. She is honest and assisted me in showing me how I can better myself and take me to the next level. My coach showed me how to delegate and to respond when the job is not being done. The problems or challenges I was able to process with coaching were to be able to delegate and let others do their job rather than trying to do all myself and not do them satisfactory. The 2 – 3 greatest achievements I’ve had while working with Coach Willa were – I have more time for myself; I am able to lead, where in the past I was always putting out fires; to delegate work and to ask who is responsible for a particular task rather than having issues brought to me to resolve. I have gained a better way to manage and lead.